Choosing the right type of vase for the flowers you have is half the battle.
Flower stems naturally tend to follow the shape of the vase.

–          Let long stems arch out of a trumpet vase for a fragile arrangement.

–          For big, billowing flowers with a showy large-scale arrangement such as hydrangeas. I would choose a large urn and place a two-tier wire flower frog secured to the bottom of the vase with dots of floral adhesive. You should leave the woody stems long and anchor them into the frog.

–          For shorter more bold cuttings I would choose a wide mouth bowl and add a grid of clear cellophane tape spanning across the top to help support the top-heavy flowers. Cut the stems short, and insert one or two flowers in each opening in the grid.

–          For a regular vase I would first bundle the bouquet and bind together with rubber bands to create that crowning effect by pushing the center flowers up just a tad higher than each outer ring